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Sunday, March 31, 2013


While driving through a portion of rural India this morning, I was struck by the spectacle of a two-storied mansion that dwarfed the humble shacks and huts that surrounded it. "How ridiculous!" was the first thought that crossed my mind.

Upon reflection, though, I came to the realisation that  my reaction was far from being an original one; be it in the case of Chaminuka, Gandhi, Einstein or the Wright Brothers, those who observed what these epoch-makers were doing or saying thought or said my words, almost exactly. Revolutions, in any sphere of life, are pioneered by upstarts and (seeming) lunatics. My repentant retake was vindicated a kilometre or two later, when I noticed that another villager had erected a tiny version of the mansion I had seen and criticized earlier.

It's afternoon now as I write, and I feel wiser about life. When I go back to my own country, I think I shall find something unusual and good to do that others might find worth imitating. My neighbours may well start competing with me, and could come up with better projects that will enhance the value of my surroundings. That will not hurt me.

What do you think? Could our workplaces, our homes, our world, become better environments for us if we did some positive, game-changing things? Do please share your thoughts in the comments box on this page.