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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Achieving success in life

Many of us are like people who have a closet full of nice suits, but are frozen in bewilderment and confusion as they stand in front of the open closet. The problem is that none of the jackets is on the same hanger as the trousers that came with it, and everything is all jumbled up. It's a big mess. Do you feel that if only you could align your strengths, talents and abilities in a logical sequence, you could achieve your life goals? Please share your thoughts, experiences and ideas on this topic, as your input will help stimulate productive discussion on this important subject. All you have to do is type away. Of course, as the discussion progresses, new, related topics will come up, and that's all good. [Jonathan Wutawunashe, author, Fulfill Your Threats-Simple Principles to Help You Succeed in Life]


  1. Fulfill your Threats is a great treasure for intelligent but simple people like me. At last we have a useful book thats simple to read and undestand - and the only book I have finished reading in years! Thank you Jonathan. Count on me to be your fan and watch my successes in the next few months. I will finish my own book, I will start and finish the house extension I have wanted to do for years - and I will be a satisfied Missionary, being on mission in 2010. Thanks JB for your master-piece - Filfill your threats. Overseer PZ

  2. Thank you for obeying God to write such a Book . Your book brought some serious motivation in my life , Ministry and family.Surely I am now on that Mission of fulfilling my threats. Thank Mukoma Jona for the inspiration and motivation. Pastor Bob Majonga (leeds)UK

  3. Thank you,PZ and Pastor Bob Majonga for your wonderful and supportive comments. It is our hope and prayer that this discussion about how we can live our lives in a fulfilling and productive manner will help many people. If the book can help even one person to achieve this, then the time spent preparing it will be well worthwhile. Thanks again, and keep coming back!


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