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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Differentiating Yourself

There is a lot of literature out there about personal branding, but it's not always easy to know where and how to start. Personal branding does not mean that you have to become a fake. It does mean that you can highlight and leverage your attributes, talents and skills to help you stand out better and be more valuable to society and to yourself. Most, if not all of us, need a little help to activate our latent or dormant strengths and to bring them to the fore. All kinds of hangups can discourage us from "transforming ourselves to be ourselves". There is neither glory nor reward in spending our lives being less than we are equipped to be, so it is very much worth our while to find and use as many "how to" materials as we can lay our hands on. Most of these practical guidance materials are either free or cheap, and they can be found everywhere, including online. Worthwhile seminars, such as those organised by motivational speaker and author Milton Kamwendo, cost next to nothing, but such seminars generate empowering ideas that can energize people in a surprising way. There are good links like that you can follow and find really good ideas to bring out the best in you. Other online resources include video presentations on popular sites like YouTube. Each video associates itself with similar ones, multiplying the resources at your disposal. Below is one of PossibilityPages' own videos. Notice how similar ones suggest themselves. Do please leave your thoughts on this topic.


  1. Manhenga said...
    Great post!
    For me this post does two things: it makes me alive to the uniqueness of the greatness that is in me - noone is exactly like me and it is only I that can be, and do certain things in a way that is specific to me. This is hugely empowering. Secondly, this post says I must do something about it, and if I dont know where to start, there is help. I appreciate this practical and helpful information. I am sure I am not the only one who will take advantage of it. A lot of people will emerge in 2010!

  2. Thank you, Manhenga, for your insightful comment.

  3. Been here Dhewa, will be watching..

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Your observations on the subject will enrich the discussion.


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