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Sunday, August 7, 2011


This morning I finally made time and went to see the project that my brother has been pestering me to go and see. I am still in shock as I write. Here is what he did, in his own words, sort of, as I am paraphrasing a much longer account:

  • ·        I acquired a moderately sized piece of land after saving for five years. My goal was to rear and sell livestock.
  • ·        I had very little money left over from the land purchase, but I had a plan. The plan was to multiply the money I had left by selling livestock products acquired from other people. My first purchase was milk from a farm, which yielded a decent profit when I sold it fresh to city dwellers. By staying in the zone and varying the nature and scale of my farm purchases and resales, I multiplied my initial seed money quite a bit.
  • ·        It took me three months to build up enough reserves to purchase two animals, a male and a female. This is two years later, and as you can see, I am now stretching the capacity of this piece of land. Fortunately, my output is in great demand.
I know it to be true that if you approach your project with premeditated method and persistence, it is hard to fail to accomplish your goal; I even highlited this in my book. I still must confess I was astonished by the dramatic manner in which the application of the principle produced results for my brother, who now gets orders from far and wide.

I thank my brother for reconfirming me in my conviction that one does not have to possess a lot of resources to make a success of their project, whatever it might be. What one needs is (a) a wise choice of project, (b) the targeted deployment of what resources one has at one’s disposal and (c) perseverence in pursuing strategies that lead to the accomplishment of the desired goal.

I hope you can take a minute to reflect on your own goals and to list the concrete steps you are taking toward the accomplishment of those goals. If you do not have such a premeditated list, you may be surprised by the implementation power that starting such a list of positive actions will release. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment box. Nothing would delight me more than your decision to subscribe to my blog and to continue to be an active contributor to this forum for the exchange of  life-changing ideas.

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